Patrick's List of Recommended Service Providers

Here’s Patrick’s List.  A list of approved service providers that Patrick Tuttle and his staff have personally tested, tried, and found true to their word that they do what they say, when they say they will do it.

Just scroll through the list to find the category of service provider that you need and then you’ll find approved vendors.  You don’t need to pay any subscription fees to anyone to access this information. It’s free for you to use.  Not only that, but these service providers don’t pay us a fee to be on the list.  They just have to perform for Patrick’s clients.

Patrick supplies you with this list as a courtesy to you. However, he does not warrant the workmanship or materials that these contractors use. Patrick doesn’t negotiate prices on your behalf either.  He has found that when he pays his vendors a fair price for quality work, then his vendors provide better service for longer periods of time.

Here’s the list:




General Contractor: (Paint, Inspector, Roofing)




Lawn, Sprinkler

Pest Control


Pool, Spa

Rockwall, Patios

Wiring – Home Security, Home Theaters